Discount Long Distance

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Discount Long Distance

Have you got plenty of money? Well, if you’re like the rest of us the answer to that question will be most definitely “no”. The majority of people these days are having to cut back and make every dollar count, just barely trying to make ends meet (why is there always so much month left at the end of the money?) Well, it’s time┬áto take a long, hard look at your finances and make sure that you’re not throwing money down the drain – particularly when you’re making your long distance telephone calls.

Has your daughter moved out of state? Are you always chattering to your brother/sister/Mum about the little things in life, ringing for a “quickie” and before you know it you’ve been nattering away for half an hour of more – it happens to us all, but you might be surprised at just how much those little chats are costing. What you need is a discount long distance service, so that you can chat away to your hearts content without fear of breaking the bank.

How to Shop for Long Distance Discount Service

Do you cringe whenever the telephone bill arrives? Maybe hide it from your partner and try to settle it yourself inconspicuously. Well, what you need is a discount long distance telephone service, and here’s how to go about it:

  • take a look at your telephone bills for the last few months – go on, it may be painful but it must be done
  • figure out how many long distance calls you actually make in a month, how long you talk for and how much it costs you
  • compare the services of the discount long distance carriers – remember, the quality of the connection should be exactly the same, the different tariffs are for different services only
  • decide which service would be best for you – some long distance carriers offer unlimited long distance calls for a set monthly fee, others have a smaller monthly fee with a low rate per minute cost for a set number of minutes – beware though, if you go over the pre-allowed number of minutes the rate could go sky high. Work out how much you would have paid over the last few months on each tariff, that would be a good way to figure out the best payment option for your circumstances
  • always watch out and read the small print – you might find that in order to qualify for a lower monthly rate, you will have to pay a monthly fee and you could end up ultimately paying more than ever.

If you do decide to change your long distance carrier for a discount long distance offer, you must really scrutinize your bills for the first few months to make sure that you’re paying only what you’re supposed to be paying. Of course, you won’t be able to avoid paying taxes and that sort of thing, but these companies can be masters of the hidden charges, so be alert and watch out.

You also need to beware of special rates which are offered only for the first month or two, before they increase dramatically. You may find that you are charged a fee for moving to a new long distance provider (around $5), but if you’ve played your cards right it shouldn’t take long to make the move well worth your while. If you’re lucky your new provider will pay it for you anyway, just to encourage you to make the move.

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