Having problems with your Eureka Altima Upright Vacuum Model 2996AVS Vacuum ?

Loud noise mieureka altima seems louder than befor. is it possible that it needs oiling?

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Dear ahut
\015\012YIKES, please do NOT do that to your poor vacumn cleaner!!! That is probably the most dangerous question I have heard that relates to a hoover. (but heya friend, this is not your fault, its the fault of the your vacumn cleaners manufacturer/ vendor, as they dont make technology easy to understand. If they did, they would be out of business, as everyone would be servicing there own appliances/ vendor not making any money through the aftersale care plans)
\015\012Now the reason why oiling a vacumn cleaner is dangerous....Right, inside your vac, there is a very large, and very powerful AC motor that turns at high speed (which provides the basis for suction through the unit) and this motor will get HOT very quickly. Now the thing wth oil, when it warms up, it starts to displace itself (spread out/ expand over an area) and if continued to be heated, then it will CATCH FIRE.This is especially so, if either you apply the wrong oil or oil to the wrong part of a motor.
\015\012Now your vac is making some really weird noise, or it seems to be misbehaving (getting louder when it clearly shouldnt), then there is really only two things that can cause this kind of fault. Your first one is an exhaust block (air that is expelled through the vac, in order for the vac to "breathe" and not overheat. This can also be the same for a blockage anywhere else in the system, so i reckon you should start by giving it a thoroughly good clean, and use a dry cloth to clean out the exhaust areas and any other air flow within the vac. Now with the feeded hose/ pipe (the pipe that supplies the vac with the dust from your floor) can be removed and washed out in warm soapy water, then allowed to dry thoroughly before putting back into the vacumn cleaner. Once this is done, you have sucessfully carried out a 6 monthly maintenance of your vac appliance. (do this every 6 months or when there is a clear dirt buildup, whichever is sooner).
\015\012Now the second fault is a little harder to deal with, and this WILL require the consultation of an engineer (electrical/ electronic/ mechanical, as you may be looking at overhauling an AC motor.
\015\012Now normally AC motors witll have a set of brushes in them, these in affect form the basis of allowing the motor to turn, and these brushes can wear out over a period of time (not very common in newer appliances) and hence, will need to be replaced if the motor is to function properly and not end up condemned. You will need in effect, to strip down/ disassemble the motor unit to get at the brushes and then inspect them before changing them. Now this can be a very awkward job especially if certain manufactured models of motor are installed in your vac (generally speaking, Bosch are easy enough to strip down and rebuild, and parts are cheap too).
\015\012Now if your motor doesnt have brushes, then it more than likely will have a set of ball bearings in it (to make mechanical movement smoother and easier) and these bearings too can wear out. In addition to this, a vacumn cleanner is designed to pull dirt and dust into it, now any motor or motor windings (the copper core inside the motor) and bearings can quickly become damaged if the parts get fouled up or abraised by grit or large particles of dust. Now if you think that the motor unit is spinning up at over a few thousand revolutions per minute, it doesnt take much for a piece of grit to find its way into the motor area and start to ruin internal components, now any part of the motor or moving mechanical parts that start to decompose/ breakup inside the vac unit, will start to make noticable noise and vibration during use. When this occurs, the vac unit should be dismantled carefully and then the motor should be carefully taken apart on a white board (piece of white solid board) as so any foriegn objects or grit will be discovered. This will also reveal whether any internal components have been damaged. Now if there is damage, and in particular, if there is any copper wire, or copper material that has been digested by the motor, then the entire motor unit must be discarded as the windings are breaking up, and the cost of having the motor re-wound is not financially viable, and this evn has to be done by the manufacturer/ vendor of the motor, or by someone who really is quite qualified with these pieces of apparatus.
\015\012Now once the vac has been dismantled, and the motor has been dismantled on a white board, it is recommended to clean all of the components one by one, then put them all back into place (re-assemble) and then your vac should be as good as new once again.
\015\012Where possible, and of course cost permitting, any filter should be renewed, however a thorough good clean on the non-paper type should be sufficient unless the filter is worn out (which would explain why the vac is failing in the first place).
\015\012I hope that this information has been of use to you, and please feel free to contact me here anytime you like regarding this matter, and should you feel confident enough to perform all of these above processes yourself, then i can advise and instruct you on this too.
\015\012In the meantime, i bid you take care, and hope that you find this is the fixya for you, and please DO NOT oil that vacummn cleaner, unless it is just bearings or spindle.
\015\012Im here as said anytime you need more information or if you have a question/ comment.
\015\012yours sincerely
Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for Eureka Altima Upright Vacuum Model 2996AVS Vacuum

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Loud noise mieureka altima seems louder than befor. is it possible that it needs oiling?

Dear ahut\015\012\015\012YIKES, please do NOT do that to your poor vacumn cleaner!!! That is probably the most dangerous question I have heard that relates to a hoover. (but heya friend, this is not your fault, its the fault of the your v ... Eureka Altima Upright Vacuum Model 2996AVS Vacuum

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