Having problems with your Hoover Soft Light U4266-940 Bagged Upright Vacuum ?

Hoover upright soft and light u4266-940 had a pop sound and won't suction. how do I open to see what is wrong and change belt.

Answers :

Interesting, I just fixed one of thes last Monday for a friend of mine who had the same thing happen to him.

To get to see the problem is fairly simple.
\015\0121) Recline the handle of the machine so the whole thing is laying donwn on the floor.
\015\0122) Roll it over to expose the bottomside.
The first thing is to remove the hood, or top cover of the base, (the part that rolls on the floor)
\015\0123) To do this, you'll see four slots along the edge between the outside cover, and the machine housing, just stick a flat screwdriver, or butterknife in there and pry the outside away from the inside machine part. (you'll have to do this on all four slots; you'll hear/feel the snaps come loose when each is undone)
\015\0124) With the top cover unclipped, lift out the machine from the top cover shell. (Watch for small controll knobs if there are any on your machine, they will pop off and run away if you don't heard them up now.)
\015\012With the cover removed from the machine, roll it back over upright again and you'll see there is a belt that stretches around the motor spindle, and two straps, (that serve as hinges for the two halves of the machine), on either side of the motor.
The Belt and the four screws holding these two straps have to be removed.
\015\0125) Remove the belt by pulling it off the end of the spindle first. (It has elastic tention that you don't want on there when the motor straps are removed)
\015\0126) With a Philips (aka: stared, X, or cross) screwdriver remove the four screws that hold on the two straps that mount the motor and top half of the machine onto the bottom of the machine. (Remember how they go on, but don't worry, they only fit on in one way so putting them back is only a simple puzzle if you don't remember)
\015\0127) With the straps removed, the top half and the base of the machine can come apart. This will expose the problem I believe you have.
With the two halves separated look into the motor housing, through the hole on the opposite end of the motor from the spindle where the belt was). There is supposed to be an "Impellor", a type of fan. It's supposed to be mounted and turn freely on this end of the spindle, however, if you have the problem I think you do, it is not mounted, and it's in several pieces inside the motor housing.
\015\012If that's what you see, then that is the problem. (fairly common too). You need to replace that "impellor" with a new one. It spins at a very high speed and cannot be fixed with glue tape, gum or any mechanical means).
\015\012Vaccuum dealers commony sell these "Impellors" I got one last week here in BC, New Westminster, for $10, and a new belt for $4.
There's two more steps to get to get to that impellor, one is to remove the handle from the motor case, the second is to remove the cover from the side of the motor case.
\015\0128) You will see one Screw and nut holding the handle extention onto the motor unit. Removing this nut and screw will allow the handle to slide off the motor unit. (A plug and socket and the switch extention dissengage at the same time; don't worry about these, they'll take care of themselves)
\015\0129) With the handle extention removed, take off the rubber gastet, (usually covered in dust) from the rectangle air conduit that leads to where the handle used to be.
\015\012 10) Remove the screws that hold the plate with the hole, that covers the fan end of the motor housing. With that removed you can pull out the broken fan (Impellor) bits.
\015\01211) two pairs of "Vice-Grips", or good pliers or plumbers wrenches, or one of the above and a wrench will be needed to remove the "Reverse Threaded Nut" from the spindle.
\015\01212) For the Belt, (if you replace that too), you'll have to pop off the bottom cover by releasing two clips on the inner side of the roller brush and lifting the plate, turning it on hinge like clips at the front edge, then pulling out the roller brush and taking off the belt. Put this part back together first before reassembling any other parts. (It's just easier that way)
\015\012That done, you are ready to twist on your new "Impellor" and put it all back together again.
\015\012- Assembly is plainly the reverse of dissassembly.
\015\012-The new impellor has the "Reverse Threaded nut" mounted inside of the Impellor moulding.
\015\012- A new belt is much smaller than a used one, (they stretch to almost double their size when fully used).
\015\012- You will be treated more respectably by Vaccuum repair dealers of you call the fan thingie an "Impellor" instead of a fan, or fan thingie.
\015\012-Know that they're going to remind you to get a new belt before you're done. (It's always a good idea, you'll notice the difference right away)
\015\012-Putting on the new belt is verry difficult and requires alot of strength. Anything can help with this, a prong of a claw hammer claw is a good common household device.
\015\012-Remember to wash your hands repeatedly.
\015\012-Be shure to keep the vaccuum unplugged at all times.
\015\012(till you're done)
\015\012-Replace screws tightly, but not tight as possible. (It's just plastic, and will break over time if it's too tight)
\015\012Have fun.
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Hoover upright soft and light u4266-940 had a pop sound and won't suction. how do I open to see what is wrong and change belt.

Interesting, I just fixed one of thes last Monday for a friend of mine who had the same thing happen to him.To get to see the problem is fairly simple.\015\012\015\0121) Recline the handle of the machine so the whole thing is ... Hoover Soft Light U4266-940 Bagged Upright Vacuum

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