Having problems with your Miele S514 Solaris Turbo Plus Vacuum ?

Won't Turn On

\015 It' s plugged in, the bag & filters are clean & changed regularly. When I press the power button, it just won't turn on.\015

Answers :

Mine was a simple fix. Hope yours is too.
\015\012You need to take the unit apart to get to the cord reel. If you don't\015\012know how to take your unit apart, here are some instructions on how to\015\012take apart most of the Miele canister units.
\015\012Once it is apart, you will need to take out the cord reel. There is a\015\012small rubber hose which needs to be removed on the outermost part of\015\012the reel. Then there is one small silver screw that you must remove as\015\012well. One these two items have been removed, carefully lift the entire\015\012cord reel assembly upwards. When you are doing this, ensure that you\015\012are also lifting the black and white wiring along with the reel - just\015\012make sure that you're not yanking it and possibly breaking the\015\012connectors off. As you lift the entire reel assembly out, you can also\015\012remove the white wiring harness which connects to the main switches on\015\012the vacuum.
\015\012Now, here is the trickiest part - not really that tricky if you are good with your hands.
\015\012First, make sure that the cord is retracted fully. Then, start pulling\015\012the white plastic cord reel away from the black plastic assembly about\015\0121 inch or so. Between the black assembly and the white reel, you'll\015\012notice a copper-like metal spring which is attached to the white reel. \015\012Make sure that as you are removing the white reel further, that you are\015\012maintaining visibility with the copper-like spring. DO NOT LET THE\015\012SPRING OUT OF ITS OWN WHITE REEL (the spring has its own reel which is\015\012difficult to wind up again, so be very careful!).
\015\012Make sure that the spring is fully retracted at this time. If it is\015\012not, wind the reel so that the spring is not wound up anymore around\015\012the white reel. Carefully slip the spring out of the white reel and\015\012leave the spring as-is ensuring that it does not unwind itself out of\015\012its own reel.
\015\012Now that you have the white reel off the black assembly, inspect the\015\012inside of the inner part of the white reel. You'll see two copper\015\012rings with 'wings' on them. These wings transfer power to the vacuum. \015\012There may be some grease (black) which you should wipe off with a paper\015\012towel. Also wipe the metal rings on the black assembly which touch\015\012these 'wings'. (the wings touch the metal rings to send constant power\015\012to the motor. The wings are there so that as you wind and unwind the\015\012power cord from the vacuum, there is always constant contact with the\015\012metal rings on the black assembly.
\015\012Now, carefully pull the wings up and out. If you can picture it in\015\012your head, what you're doing is ensuring that there is a good contact\015\012between the copper wings and the metal rings on the black assembly. Do\015\012this for all 4 wings on both the inner and outer copper rings within\015\012the white reel. Make sure that the 4 pads are clean and grease/dirt\015\012free.
\015\012Once you've done this, it's time to put the white reel back on the\015\012black assembly. Do everything you did earlier, but in reverse.
\015\012Carefully take the copper spring and align it to the white reel -\015\012you'll see a specific slot where the spring slides and grabs onto on\015\012the white reel. You'll probably have to place the white reel slightly\015\012onto the black assembly rod in order to achieve this - again, you must\015\012be good with your hands to do this without breaking anything.
\015\012Once the copper spring is attached to the white reel, press the rest of\015\012the white reel onto the black assembly. HINT: turn the white reel\015\012slightly so that you're applying some tension on the spring - this will\015\012make sure that the spring doesn't fall out of the white reel.
\015\012Reassemble the cord reel assembly (black and white parts) back into the\015\012vacuum. Make sure that the black and white power cables are out of the\015\012way. Once seated, wrap the black and white cables around the assembly\015\012and reseat the white wiring harness. Reapply the black rubber tube to\015\012the cord reel assembly and replace the silver screw to hold the entire\015\012harness down.
\015\012Close the vacuum casing, replace the control panel (power and cord buttons). Close the unit, plug it in, and power it on!
\015\012If it worked for you, congrats! If it didn't, sorry, you've got a much bigger problem with your unit.
I had gthe same problem with my White Pear S444i. I called technical support at Miele and they recommended pulling the cord out 3 or 4 feet and plugging it in. It went on right away. He said it is probably something in the cord reel, and said it would need to be serviced if it continues to happen, but in the meantime this worked.
Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for Miele S514 Solaris Turbo Plus Vacuum

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