Having problems with your Miele S514 Solaris Bagged Canister Vacuum ?

My Miele solaris will not turn (it's plugged in and no power)

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\015\012Usually when a Miele canister just stops working all of a sudden, it's a lot \015\012of the time caused by the cord reel going bad. The internal cord reel has a \015\012metal spring that's used to get power from the cord, to the rest of the vacuum. \015\012Over time this spring starts to loosen, and eventually will get so loose that it \015\012will no longer transfer the electric current. This is the most common problem that I we see on Miele canisters. The good news is that this repair is fairly simple to diagnosis and repair.

In order to test and see if the cord is the problem, rewind the cord all the way back into the canister, and move the canister to the closest wall outlet. Now only pull out the cord far enough to plug it into the wall. With the vacuum plugged in, use one hand to slowly pull the cord reel out of the canister, and use the other hand to to continuously push the main on/off foot switch pedal on and off, on and off while you're pulling the cord out with your other hand. Does the vacuum motor make an sound like it's starting up, or does the motor come on at all while you're doing this? If it makes a noise like it's trying to start, this means that your cord reel is bad and needs to be replaced. If you don't hear anything while you're doing this, it still may be that the cord reel is bad, but it also may mean that either the switch or the motor could bad. In my 10 years of fixing Miele canisters however, I find that probably 70% of the time it's the cord reel that needs to be replaced.
If you need to purchase a cord reel to try and replace it to see if this fixes it (don't worry, we have an excellent return policy if it's not the problem) , here's a link to the exact cord reel for your Miele:
Miele Cord Reel For S500 Series Models

\015\012body {\015\012\011background: #FFFFFF;\015\012\011margin: 0px;\015\012\011padding: 4px;\015\012\011font-family: arial, verdana, sans-serif;\015\012\011font-size: 10pt;\015\012}\015\012p {\015\012\011margin:0px;\015\012\011padding:0px;\015\012}\015\012.spwrap\015\012{\015\012background: transparent url(/wysiwyg_rte/misspell.gif) repeat-x scroll center bot\015\012So once you have the cord reel, you'll need either a Phillips head screw driver \015\012for the older S514 models, or a T20 Torx Screwdriver for the newer S514 model \015\012vacuums. You'll need to remove the \015\012hose, wand, and power \015\012nozzle from the vacuum cleaner before you begin.

The first thing you'll wand to do is open up the bag housing, \015\012and remove the vacuum bag, as well as the exhaust filter which may be either the \015\012Cloth Super Air Clean Filter, or the HEPA Filter catridge which is blue in \015\012color. If you're using the Super Air Clean filter, remove the filter, and then \015\012remove the bracket that secures the filter in place as well. Simply pull \015\012straight up on the bracket and it will come out.

Once the bag and the filter have been removed, you'll need to \015\012take off the entire tool lid. While the vacuum cleaner is open so that you can \015\012see into the compartment where the bag just was, you need to pry two arms from \015\012the tool lid off of the main body housing. Simply put a screwdriver behind one \015\012of the blue arms, and pry inwards. Here's a picture of what this looks like;

Once you have removed \015\012both of these clasps, the tool lid will pull straight upwards and off, leaving \015\012you with only the bottom part of the canister. This is how the vacuum cleaner \015\012should look now;

Now you'll \015\012need to remove the black speed control box from the canister. There is one screw \015\012in the front of the black speed control box that needs to be removed. After the \015\012screw has been removed, turn the vacuum cleaner around so that the back of the \015\012machine where the cord reel goes into the vacuum is now facing you. If you look \015\012where the black speed control box meets the bottom part of the canister, you can \015\012see two clips that you'll need to release before the variable speed control box \015\012can be removed. Simply put a screw driver and push in on the clip while lifting \015\012the black speed control box at the same time. Here's where the clips are located \015\012on the vacuum;

Ok, now that \015\012the speed control box has been removed, it's time to separate the colored \015\012plastic from the base of the vacuum cleaner. There are 7 screws that need to be \015\012removed in order to get these housings separated. I have circled the location of \015\012each screw in the picture below;

After removing all 7 screws, you can then simply pull upwards on \015\012the colored plastic housing, and remove the housing from the base of the vacuum \015\012cleaner so that the motor and cord reel are exposed. Once you have exposed the \015\012cord reel, you'll need to remove the internal wires (white wire is in the higher \015\012posistion, and to the left of the lower right side black wire), as well as the \015\012rubber hose part. The rubber hose part simply pulls off, just like the wire \015\012terminals do. After removing these parts, you'll need to remove one more screw \015\012with your screw driver. Here's the picture of which screw needs to be \015\012removed;

After the \015\012final screw has been removed, you'll have to remove the rectangular shaped wire \015\012harness that sits at the top of the cord reel. Pay close attention to how this \015\012wire harness is correctly seated which will save \015\012some aggravation when putting the vacuum back together. Here's a picture of the \015\012wire harness that needs to be removed from the old cord reel;

Once the wire harness has \015\012been completely removed from the old cord reel, you may simply pull up on the \015\012cord reel and remove it. The new cord reel will come completely assembled, with \015\012all the parts and compontents that your faulty cord reel had. You simply need to \015\012line up the screw hole on the new cord reel with the hole in the bottom of the \015\012base of the vacuum. When installing the new cord reel be very careful that you \015\012don't pinch any of the wires down by putting the cord reel on top of them. The \015\012wires have a specific place they go, and you'll be able to see the correct path \015\012for these wires when paying close attention. Also remember to install the rubber \015\012tube back onto the new cord reel as well. Once the new cord reel has been \015\012installed, and screwed down, pull the plug out a little ways, and guide the plug \015\012through the colored top housing first, then screw the 7 screws that hold the \015\012upper housing to the lower housing back into to secure these housings together. \015\012

That's about all there is to that \015\012repair! Please feel free to request a repair clarification if you have any \015\012questions about the repair that I can help you with, I'm always more then happy \015\012to help.

If this repair guide was \015\012helpful to you, please click the thumbs up icon in the bottom right part of this \015\012solution \015\012to rate it has helpful.

Thank you so \015\012much,

Chris Jones

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