Having problems with your Miele S514 Solaris Bagged Canister Vacuum ?

Pull cord all the way out vacum doesn't start. Push the recoil switch for a second then it will start. Bad connection or new cord needed? Also how do you reinstall the coil? Thank you.

Answers :

\012This definitely sound like a cord reel issue to me. This is really the \012only problem that I ever see on a Miele vacuum cleaner2_bing.gif. \012 9 times out of 10 the cord reel needs to be changed. If you purchase\012 the cord from us, and it's not the problem you may return it up to 60 \012days later for a full refund, that's how confident I am that is what's \012wrong with your machine.
Ok, so you need to replace the cord reel on a Miele S514 Solaris, no\012 problem! I'll attempt to try and walk you through this repair with a \012detailed explanation of it, and along with some pictures to help \012you. You'll first want to buy the new Miele S500 series cord reel. If you haven't already purchased one, here's a direct link to the exact cord that's needed for your S514:
Miele Cord Reel For All s500 Series #05240304

So\012 once you have the cord reel, you'll need either a Phillips head screw \012driver for the older S514 models, or a T20 Torx Screwdriver for the \012newer S514 model vacuums. The picture below is \012actually of the Miele S518 Cat & Dog series, but for this repair the\012 procedure and parts are identical to the S514. You'll need to remove \012the hose, wand, and power nozzle from \012the vacuum cleaner before you begin.

The\012 first thing you'll wand to do is open up the bag housing, and remove \012the vacuum bag, as well as the exhaust filter which may be either the \012Cloth Super Air Clean Filter, or the HEPA Filter cartridge which is blue \012in color. If you're using the Super Air Clean filter, remove the filter,\012 and then remove the bracket that secures the filter in place as well. \012Simply pull straight up on the bracket and it will come out.

Once\012 the bag and the filter have been removed, you'll need to take off the \012entire tool lid. While the vacuum cleaner is open so that you can see \012into the compartment where the bag just was, you need to pry two arms \012from the tool lid off of the main body housing. Simply put a screwdriver\012 behind one of the blue arms, and pry inwards. Here's a picture of what \012this looks like;

Once\012 you have removed both of these clasps, the tool lid will pull straight \012upwards and off, leaving you with only the bottom part of the canister. \012This is how the vacuum cleaner should look now;

Now\012 you'll need to remove the black speed control box from the canister. \012There is one screw in the front of the black speed control box that \012needs to be removed. After the screw has been removed, turn the vacuum \012cleaner around so that the back of the machine where the cord reel goes \012into the vacuum is now facing you. If you look where the black speed \012control box meets the bottom part of the canister, you can see two clips\012 that you'll need to release before the variable speed control box can \012be removed. Simply put a screw driver and push in on the clip while \012lifting the black speed control box at the same time. Here's where the \012clips are located on the vacuum;

Ok,\012 now that the speed control box has been removed, it's time to separate \012the colored plastic from the base of the vacuum cleaner. There are 7 \012screws that need to be removed in order to get these housings separated.\012 I have circled the location of each screw in the picture below;

After\012 removing all 7 screws, you can then simply pull upwards on the colored \012plastic housing, and remove the housing from the base of the vacuum \012cleaner so that the motor and cord reel are exposed. Once you have \012exposed the cord reel, you'll need to remove the internal wires (white \012wire is in the higher position, and to the left of the lower right side\012 black wire), as well as the rubber hose part. The rubber hose part \012simply pulls off, just like the wire terminals do. After removing these \012parts, you'll need to remove one more screw with your screw driver. \012Here's the picture of which screw needs to be removed;

After\012 the final screw has been removed, you'll have to remove the rectangular\012 shaped wire harness that sits at the top of the cord reel. Pay close \012attention to how this wire harness is correctly seated which will save some \012aggravation when putting the vacuum back together. Here's a picture of \012the wire harness that needs to be removed from the old cord reel;

Once\012 the wire harness has been completely removed from the old cord reel, \012you may simply pull up on the cord reel and remove it. The new cord reel\012 will come completely assembled, with all the parts and components that\012 your faulty cord reel had. You simply need to line up the screw hole on\012 the new cord reel with the hole in the bottom of the base of the \012vacuum. When installing the new cord reel be very careful that you don't\012 pinch any of the wires down by putting the cord reel on top of them. \012The wires have a specific place they go, and you'll be able to see the \012correct path for these wires when paying close attention. Also remember \012to install the rubber tube back onto the new cord reel as well. Once the\012 new cord reel has been installed, and screwed down, pull the plug out a\012 little ways, and guide the plug through the colored top housing first, \012then screw the 7 screws that hold the upper housing to the lower housing\012 back into to secure these housings together.

That's about all \012there is to that repair! Please feel free to request a repair \012clarification if you have any questions about the repair that I can help\012 you with, I'm always more then happy to help.
If this repair guide was helpful to you, please click the thumbs up \012icon in the bottom right part of this solution to rate it has helpful.

Thank\012 you so much,

Chris Jones
\015\012This WAS helpful!! I thought that perhaps I could fix my cord reel. I used the directions to disassemble the vacuum and lifted the cord reel out of its housing. Unfortunately, I did not have a good grip on it and the two parts of the cord reel were pushed apart by the spring which quickly exploded into a giant mess.\015\012
\015\012Not a big problem as the vacuum already did not work.\015\012
\015\012I threw away the unwound spring and told my wife that I could at least make the unit work until we order a new cord reel.\015\012
\015\012I discovered that the contacts on the cord reel were dirty (the ones that touch the inner and outer ring of the assembly that connects to the motor). I cleaned them and put the unit back together.\015\012
\015\012This was a bit of a pain because I did not pay close attention to how the motor speed (and on/off switch) assembly connected to two wire harnesses. I finally had to take the cover off the unit (again) and discovered that there are two sets of plastic prongs into which you can set the two wire harnesses. Then (after putting the cover back on...) you can put the motor speed control assembly back on and it will easily snap in.\015\012
\015\012I completed putting the unit back together and Voile!, it works.\015\012
\015\012The cord does not automatically reel back into the unit (because I destroyed the spring), but at least the vacuum works.\015\012
\015\012Paul\015\[email protected]
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