Having problems with your Sebo Automatic X1 Bagged Upright Vacuum ?

Sebo X1 motor bearings

\015 I'm on the hunt for some motor bearings for a Sebo X1. Does anyone have a source for bearings, or can advise me of how to work out which ones I need?\015

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I have the sebo automatic X1.1 and out the blue it starting making a very change noise and a burning smell, i have taken the brush out and checked it wasn't blocked or jammed so i am now worried the problem is with the motor, oh forget to say the machine never turned off automatically it just kept going till i turned it off....can you please give me any advise as the machine is only 3 yrs old...Thank you
For me (after having done this game in a variety of ways, in a variety of AC motors of all kinds), you just have to bite the bullet, and pull the motor apart to find out, UNLESS you can get lucky enough as you suggested, and find a source of information for the SPECIFIC bearings for that SPECIFIC motor.
\015\012If you go the old-fashioned route of pulling the motor down, and checking the end-plates for the type of bearing (sealed, non-sealed, bushing, roller, you name it), you are already in so far, you might as well tap out the bearings. How? Why...just start tapping.
\015\012Be easy and gentle! Don't warp the rotor shaft! (In fact, clean the shaft very nicely BEFORE attempting to pull the bearings, some emery cloth and WD-40 works nicely, etc.)
\015\012After you have the bearings out (most likely sealed, most likely roller bearing, or brass sleeve bushing), you then have the fun of:
\015\0121. Measuring them up, and then internet buying.
\015\012(Measure "Inside Diameter/Shaft" and "Outside Diameter", along with "Length)
\015\0122. Going local. Sometimes, lawnmower shops, and even Auto Parts stores have these.
\015\0123. Going "Old School". Yes, if you have a really bored friend at a machine shop, they can make awesome parts on the spot. Even sleeve bushings you can't find, or can't wait on. Don't rush those guys! They are solid GOLD!
\015\012You then do your dance, and put it back together.
\015\012Note: When you tear a motor down, remember some things.
\015\0121. Mark both end caps, so they go back on to the same ends they came off.
\015\0122. Sometimes, you get DC motors. This STILL applies to them, with the exception they have commutators/brushes. Believe it or not, you can run a 40 year old drill by using bread twisties to hold brushes in/on. These things ARE forgiving.
\015\0123. Caution & Patience. If you can't ease it off.....NEVER force it off.
\015\0124. If it came off easy, don't force it back on hard!
\015\0125. Just because a specific "size & horse" motor went in running 110v, does NOT mean you can't put a completely different motor size in. You CAN make miracles, with all of the above in mind.
\015\012Well, that and "Luck"........
\015\0126. Just because "specific" bearings were in there, doesn't mean you can't modify those end-caps to take different, or better bearings. It ALL depends on what YOU want to do, and how much TIME you want to take. You CAN make sealed bearings into "oilers", and vice versa, simply by reworking within what you can.
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Sebo X1 motor bearings

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